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Chapel Island walk

Ulverston Resilience Group

Ulverston Resilience Group (URG) is a voluntary organisation providing community support in South Cumbria. Use the button above to join the group as a volunteer. 

01229 357951

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Event Organisers

Many Ulverston community organisations advertise their events in the Ulverston News website and email newsletter. If you’re interested in knowing who they are, further information and contact details can be found on our Event Organisers page.

To add or update an event on this website, or to publish an item in our weekly email newsletter, please use the Contact Us form.

County Hotel, Ulverston
Photo heritage - visit our collection of old postcards.
Ulverston tourist information leaflets can be obtained from the Indoor Market, Laurel & Hardy Museum, Ulverston Library, Booths, Ulverston Station, and the Premier Inn.
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It is our privilege to support Friends of the Lake District in championing the protection of the natural environment, whilst accommodating the needs of local communities and enhancing the enjoyment of visitors.