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Blast Furness play at events in Ulverston and can be hired for carnivals and private parties

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There’s an amazing array of spectacular festivals and special events in Ulverston, attracting thousands of locals and tourists. In addition, there are classes, meetings, lectures, clubs, music events, and more, taking place in venues throughout the town on a regular basis. The Ulverston Events Calendar lists events of almost any type and size.

Organisers of events anywhere in the Furness peninsula are free to register on ulverston.com for a user ID, and publish their event details in the Events Calendar. To register as a user, go to the Manage menu, and select the Register option. There are no restrictions on the type of event, and you can include recurring events, eg. weekly, fortnightly, monthly.

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Blyth Power

Formed in late 1983 by singer/drummer Joseph Porter, Blyth Power remains one of the most original and innovative bands around, and one of the prime features about the band is their all-consuming individuality. They have a strikingly identifiable and personalised sound built around Joseph’s epic songs, with their colourful personnel, exotic story-lines and crashing, impassioned choruses. Overriding everything is the breadth and content of the lyrics, which Mr Porter claims are his first love, and his most cherished care. Irony and subtext mingle with plain-speaking and historical metaphor in brilliant tapestry of colour and irreverent speculation. Will Charles succeed

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An Evening with Andy McNab

Andy McNab is a former SAS soldier and best-selling author of “Bravo Two Zero” (1993), the account of his capture and torture in Iraq in the first Gulf War. By the time he left the SAS in 1993, he was the British Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier. During his career, Andy worked on both covert and overt special operations worldwide, including operations with police forces, prison services, anti-drug forces and western backed guerrilla movements as well as on conventional special operations. In the Gulf War, he commanded the famous Bravo Two Zero patrol, an eight man patrol tasked

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Dancing in Market Street Ulverston on carnival day.

#ulverston is a #greatplacetolive

Many people volunteer their time and skills generously and inconspicuously, to enable the myriad of activities to take place that enrich peoples’ lives. For example, youth organisation leaders, athletics coaches, carers, councillors, and so on. Some of the activities listed in our Events Calendar provide a lifeline for members of our community who may otherwise have limited opportunities for social interactions, which are essential for their mental health and well-being. Through the continuing efforts and generosity of caring people, #ulverston is more than just a Festivals Town, it’s also a #greatplacetolive.

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