URG Community Emergency Plan

1. Introduction

The Ulverston Resilience Group (URG) Community Emergency Plan for the LA12 postcode area is published here for reference by URG volunteers, members of the public, local authorities, emergency services, and anyone else who needs to know. This document is based on a standard template provided by South Lakeland District Council.

The following are the main points of contact for URG in the event of an emergency or major incident.

  • URG Helpline: 01229 357951
  • URG Incident Response Lead (Neil Fleming): 0777 4321 777

2. Purpose

Definition of an Emergency

An emergency or major incident is any event or circumstance (happening with or without warning) that causes or threatens death or injury, disruption to the community, or damage to property or to the environment on such a scale that the effect cannot be dealt with as part of the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations normal day-to-day activities.

Aim of the URG Community Emergency Plan

To increase resilience within the local community before, during and after emergencies, and to link into the county and district councils’, and emergency services’ emergency response structures, where appropriate. This Plan documents how Ulverston Resilience Group (URG) would respond in an emergency situation e.g. while awaiting the assistance of statutory authorities / emergency services, or in support of them.

It is not the role of the community to take on the responsibilities of these agencies e.g. to save life, to take any risks to themselves or to cope for long hours without agencies’ help and support.

The plan may also be used when there is no emergency, but when the group feels it would be beneficial to do so, e.g. when snow or icy conditions cause problems for some residents trying to get out to shop for food and collect prescriptions.


  • Identify possible emergencies, impacts on the community, and relevant actions.
  • Identify communications and resources in the community available to assist in an emergency
  • Consider vulnerable people / groups in the community who may need additional support.
  • Provide contact details for the Community Response Group (CRG), key community resources, the Emergency Services, Local Councils, and the W&F Unitary Authority.
  • Risk assess the proposed community response.

3. Activation of the Plan

This Plan will be activated by the Ulverston Resilience Group (URG). The group will meet in person or communicate remotely to assess the situation, ring Emergency Services and consult with W&F Unitary Authority if necessary. URG will then put all or part of the Plan into effect as appropriate.

The Plan may be activated when:

  • An emergency has occurred.
  • Warnings are received prior to an anticipated emergency.
  • Emergency services request support or are not able to attend immediately.
  • No emergency or warning has occurred but it is felt a community response would be of benefit, particularly for more vulnerable residents e.g. prolonged cold snap and icy conditions.

Volunteers may be put on stand-by prior to full activation of the Plan, depending on the situation. Examples include severe weather warnings, significant utilities failures, major building fires, major transport incidents.

4. Possible Emergencies, Impacts & Actions

The following are examples of the types of incidents which URG may respond to, and a list of POSSIBLE actions. Actions DO NOT include search and rescue activities that would normally be conducted by the emergency services, such as entering flood water, treating or rescuing casualties in dangerous situations, or putting out fires.

  1. Utility failure (electricity, gas, water) over a prolonged period. Contact utilities for updates. Check on residents. Open up place of safety. Provide hot refreshments. Provide updates via social media, email, radio, etc.
  2. Communications failure over a prolonged period (telephones, internet). Contact suppliers for updates. Check on residents. Provide updates by whatever means available.
  3. Extreme weather, resulting in structural damage or flooding of properties. Contact W&F Unitary Authority and Environment Agency for updates. Check on residents. Assist with deploying sandbags if appropriate and safe to do so. Open up place of safety. Provide hot refreshments. Provide updates via social media, email, radio, etc.
  4. Infrastructure incident, such as vehicle collision, building fire, or major structural failure. Contact W&F Unitary Authority and Emergency Services for updates. Check on those affected, including nearby residents if safe to do so. Open up place of safety. Provide hot refreshments. Provide updates via social media, email, radio, etc.

5. Community Contacts & Resources

The following may be informed in the event of an incident, such as receipt of a Met Office severe weather warning, or a callout to attend an emergency situation.

  1. Ulverston Town Council Clerk. Phone: 01229 585778. Email: admin@ulverstoncouncil.org.uk
  2. Parish Council Clerks as applicable, directly or via CALC. Cumbria Association of Local Councils
  3. Village Hall Committees and other public building managers as applicable.
  4. Ulverston Facebook groups: Ulverston News and Ulverston Resilience Group.
  5. Ulverston News email and SMS subscribers.
  6. URG volunteers via RotaCentral email and SMS.

6. Place of Safety

W&F Unitary Authority is responsible for setting up Emergency Assistance Centres (EAC) during an emergency, which are run by Unitary Authority staff and may be used for a range of purposes, depending on the situation. Many schools, churches and community buildings are designated EACs. URG may be called on by the Unitary Authority to assist with the operation of an EAC.

URG may exceptionally set up a temporary EAC in its own right, or in partnership with another organisation such as a Parish Council. This could be located anywhere in the LA12 area, which is quite extensive. URG would attempt to contact the local Parish Council clerk or village hall manager to identify a suitable EAC location, to share local knowledge, and to co-ordinate activities.

7. External Contacts

The following are key external contacts.

  1. Emergency services, Phone 999.
  2. Police non-emergency. Phone 101.
  3. W&F Unitary Authority. Phone 01228 606060.
  4. Highways. Phone 0300 303 2992.
  5. Environment Agency (Floodline). Phone 0345 988 1188.
  6. Environment Agency (Incident Hotline). Phone 0800 807060.
  7. Electricity North West. Phone 105 (power cut) or 0800 195 4141.
  8. National Grid (gas). Phone 0800 111 999.
  9. United Utilities (water & sewage). Phone 0345 672 3723.

8. Plan Review & Update

The master copy of this plan is maintained on the Ulverston News (ulverston.com) website, and will be updated and improved as needed. All other electronic or printed copies of the plan are uncontrolled, and it is the responsibility of the person taking the uncontrolled copy to check that it is up to date before using it.

Whenever URG responds to an incident, the group will maintain a central log of actions taken, to be shared with other stakeholders that have a need to know, and to be evaluated after the incident to assist with making improvements.