Event Resources

Event organisers can benefit from a range of expertise and resources that are available in the town. In general, if borrowing equipment for events, the organiser is responsible for covering reasonable expenses incurred by the lender in association with the equipment loan, and for repair or replacement of any equipment that is damaged or lost whilst on loan, as well as any third-party liabilities resulting from improper use of the equipment or negligence by personnel involved in providing the event.


Ulverston Town Council owns a number of pop-up gazebos of various sizes. Note that they can only be used safely at wind speeds of up to 30mph approximately, and must be secured to the ground with guy ropes or approved weights. Contact the Town Clerk to discuss loan arrangements.

Litter Bins & Recycling Bins

As an event organiser, you are responsible for ensuring that waste is collected and disposed of legally. Ulverston Town Council owns a set of large blue plastic litter bins which can be borrowed. Event organisers should approach South Lakeland District Council at the depot in North Lonsdale Road to arrange for the blue bins to be emptied, and for the provision of special lidded recycling bins.

Road Signs, Cones, Barriers & Fencing

Outdoor events will often require signage for traffic management and crowd controls, in accordance with Police, Council, and Highways requirements. Ulverston Town Council owns a limited number of road signs, cones, barriers and fencing. Contact the Town Clerk to discuss loan arrangements.

Analogue Two-way Radios

Ulverston Town Council owns a set of twenty-five traditional analogue two-way radios. They have a range of about half a mile within the town, dependent on proximity of buildings, and about 1 mile in open countryside. Contact the Town Clerk to request a loan. There is no charge for use at community events in the Ulverston area. A fully refundable deposit is required.

Public Address (PA) System

Ulverston Town Council owns a set of microphones and speakers for indoor and outdoor events. Contact the Town Clerk to discuss loan arrangements. The event organiser is responsible for obtaining PPL and PRS licenses if the PA system is to be used for playing live or recorded music in public.

Outdoor Power Supply

There is an outdoor power supply at Market Square, which is used for powering the outdoor Christmas tree, and also for bands, etc playing next to the War Memorial. Contact the Town Clerk to discuss arrangements for use. The event organiser is responsible for the safety of any electrical equipment that is connected to the power supply.

Event Advertising

Major festivals and one-off events in the town can be advertised in the annual festivals leaflet that is distributed by Ulverston Community Partnership to shops, tourist information centres, motorway service stations, etc. Contact the Town Clerk or a member of Ulverston Community Partnership to discuss. Any event in the town or surrounding area can be advertised free of charge on the Ulverston News website.

Sharing Expertise and Other Equipment

You may be interested in lending or borrowing other items of equipment and/or sharing expertise. Please contact us at Ulverston News, and we’ll try to help with matchmaking.