Q: Who can publish events on this website?
A: Anyone, as long as they relate to the Ulverston area, and it’s legal and decent. Events can be one-offs, or recurring. The point of the website is to advertise as many local events as possible, so you shouldn’t feel that your event isn’t big enough or good enough. If you run an event, then this website is here to help you to connect with your customers. Please register as a user, and publish your event.

Q: Can I sell tickets for my event on the website?
A. We provide a facility for issuing free tickets (RSVPs). We might offer a facility in future for paid tickets, but don’t want to stand on the toes of the Coro Box Office, Ford Park, etc, so we won’t be doing that for now. In the meantime, for paid tickets you can include a link to your own website, or to an external ticket website, such as Eventbrite.

Q: How much does it cost to advertise an event?
A: Nothing! The website is provided for the community, and is largely self-service. We also welcome local business advertising on our Facebook group. The cost of hosting the website is negligible, so no charge for usage is necessary. However, if you’re able to display an A5 advertising poster, or a small window sticker, then we’d appreciate the publicity. Please ask via the contact form if you’d like leaflets and stickers.

Q: What happened to the previous Ulverston websites?
A: Some elements of previous Ulverston websites were retained and incorporated into Ulverston News. In particular: ulverston.net, ulverstonfestivaltown.co.uk, investinulverston.org.uk, visitulverston.com, and ulverstonalive.com. These former website addresses all now point to ulverston.com. Ulverston Town Council continues to maintain its own website, at ulverstoncouncil.org.uk.

Q: Which is the best fish & chip shop in Ulverston?
A: Sorry, we’re not prepared to answer that question, except to say that we would happily go to any of them. Nor will we recommend the best pub, restaurant, hotel, cafe, outside-caterer, or Chinese takeaway. However, to avoid being accused of being totally unhelpful, we are prepared to advise you on the best cinema, and the best Mexican restaurant