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February the 14th 2021 is the day when Ulverston Resilience Group will launch as a charity, taking over from Ulverston Self Isolation Group to provide community support for the Ulverston area. The new group also includes members of the former Ulverston Emergency Planning Group, who over the past few years have devoted their time to constructing meaningful emergency plans for responding to major incidents.

Ulverston Self Isolation Group was set up in March 2020 by Caroline Smith and Neil Fleming, working with a newly-formed team of volunteers. They aimed to help those who were self-isolating due to Covid-19, and were therefore unable to get out for medication & shopping.

Throughout 2020, the group has delivered meals, provided random acts of kindness (including sweet boxes for kids), delivered Christmas cards and presents to care homes, delivered Christmas dinners, and even set out early one Sunday morning to drop childrens’ activity packs at various places in the LA12 area. Currently, the group is co-ordinating non-clinical stewarding for Covid-19 vaccinations at Ulverston Health Centre.

It was recognised that there was an ongoing need for a structured support group in Ulverston, which would also be able to respond quickly in emergency situations. The ethos and the mindset of the new Ulverston Resilience Group will mirror that of the Ulverston Self Isolation Group. It will continue to provide community support along the same lines that it did in 2020, with the additional responsibility of working alongside the emergency services during severe weather-related events and other major incidents.

Ulverston Self Isolation Group for Covid-19 support

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