Telephone Line

Ulverston LA12 and Crake Valley ONLY

We have set up a telephone voicemail service to provide support for people who are isolated, and have no family or neighbour support. 

This service is provided on a best endeavours basis entirely by unpaid local volunteers. Please request support ONLY via the phone number. Do not send private messages or emails requesting support to any of the volunteers. This is for all of our safety.

Telephone keypad options are as follows. Note that options 1, 2 and 3 have now been removed:

Option 4. Voicemail service for Ulverston LA12 residents to request assistance.
Option 5. Voicemail service for Crake Valley residents to request assistance.

Coronavirus can have extremely serious life-threatening effects for elderly and vulnerable people, so if you are in one of these groups yourself, do not volunteer to do anything that increases your personal risk. Just volunteering to make phone calls would be plenty.

If you do volunteer to help, and then your circumstances change or you change your mind, just let us know, and we’ll update our database. No argument! No need to apologise. No problem.

If you have internet access, please also join the Self Isolation Ulverston Facebook group.