Manage Events

Create a new event. You can add as many or as few details as you like. However, you’ll need to include the date and time as a minimum, and of course a description of the event. We strongly recommend that you include a good quality photo. Select the venue from the picklist. If your venue isn’t listed, you can add it as a new venue.

If you want to correct an error in your event lisings, or add more information, here’s where you do it. If the event details change, or if the event is cancelled, please update the event listing to let people know. Remember to submit the form.

Free Tickets and/or Volunteer Registration

On the event add/edit forms, near the bottom you will see buttons for adding Tickets or RSVPs. Currently the Ticket button is disabled, so if you want to sell tickets, you will need to use a separate service, such as Eventbrite, and you can link to the ticket website from your event listing. However, if you want people to register interest, or request a free ticket, then you can use the RSVP option. Just click the New RSVP button, and fill in the required information, including the text to be printed on the ticket, and the capacity of your event. Anyone registering will automatically be emailed a free ticket, and you can immediately see details of the registered attendees. As an alternative to managing attendees, you might consider using this functionality for registering event volunteers or exhibitors.

Ulverston Tank Square roundabout with sculptures by Loki.