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Ulverston Self Isolation Group was set up to help the elderly and vulnerable members of the Ulverston and Crake Valley communities during the Coronavirus outbreak. The group is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We have a small management committee, a constitution, and a bank account. We have already received some very generous donations from individuals and organisations in our community, for which we are extremely grateful.

Sadly, it is becoming clear that more people, and indeed whole families, need assistance than we would ever have thought. Your donations will be used to provide food and support for those people who are struggling to look after themselves and their families. We are working in partnership with other organisations such as Meals on Wheels, and Ford Park Community Group, to deliver the best service that we can with the available resources. Any money remaining in our bank account when the group is wound up, will be divided amongst these and other organisations that we have worked with.

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