We are very grateful to many individuals and organisations for supporting the setup and maintenance of the Ulverston Self Isolation Group. We would particularly like to recognise the following organisations for their donations of cash and/or support in kind.

  • Ulverston Curry Club for the initial donation that funded leaflet printing and a few other things.
  • Radio Cumbria for being the first media organisation to publicise us.
  • CandoFM for broadcasting about us and for being a fabulous community radio station.
  • Ulverston Meat Company for funding our second batch of leaflets.
  • Furness Plastics for producing our volunteer ID cards at very short notice.
  • The Bay Horse Hotel for distributing volunteer ID cards.
  • Alice's Escapes for help with distributing leaflets and for other volunteering activities.
  • Ulverston Town Council for unwavering support from day 1, including ID card distribution.
  • Ulverston Police for advice, and also for being there from the start.
  • CGP for a very generous donation which enabled us to mobilise our ready meals service.
  • Fox Outside Catering for preparing ready meals for people in need.
  • Bay Search & Rescue for delivering meals and checking on welfare.
  • Ulverston Inshore Rescue for delivering meals and checking on welfare.
  • Victoria Fryer for helping to create lovely memories and encouraging donations with her doorstep photography.
  • The Northern Line for our logo, and for designing and selling the special edition charity print.
  • Ford Park Community Group for working in partnership with us to feed people in need.
  • Paul and Trudi Dewar of the Stan Laurel Inn for catering.
  • Councillor David Webster for funding printing costs from his SLDC locality budget.
  • SLDC for a grant covering our administration and food handling costs.
  • Linden Grieve and Foodshare for distributing food that would otherwise be wasted, and protecting the environment.
  • Steve Hartley of Poppies Cafe for food storage and cookery demonstrations.

And a final note that Ulverston Ltd is very pleased to be providing the website pages, volunteer database, telephone line, call management system, and conferencing system, all free of charge.