Weather Map

Ulverston 5-day Weather Forecast

How to use the map

The weather map and information shown above is centred on Ulverston. The colours overlaid on the map represent peak wind speed (gusts). The map also shows wind direction and temperature. You can view all 5 days of the forecast by dragging the pointer showing the time to the right, along the bottom of the map, or by dragging the information bar. You can also extend the forecast to 9 days. You can change the map background by clicking on the icon at the top right of the map, and selecting an alternative overlay, such as temperature, rain, or snow.

Impact of extreme weather on outdoor events

The following information is provided for guidance only. Every event is different, and when extreme weather conditions occur, organisers will respond in accordance with the specific risk assessments and safety plans for that event.

Temperature: This indicates the temperature at 2 metres above ground level. Actual temperature is influenced by many factors, such as ground surface type, proximity of buildings, and cloud cover. In South Cumbria, there are relatively moderate annual temperature variations, ie. summers are not tremendously hot, and winters are not tremendously cold. Therefore, occasional days of extreme temperatures may take event organisers by surprise, and require special measures, eg. provision of extra drinking water on very hot days, or a tractor to extract parked cars from muddy fields on very wet days.

Rain: A measure of the rain in mm that reaches ground level. The Lake District is noted for its high rainfall, but Ulverston is on the coast and is generally drier than the inland mountainous areas. Regarding the implications of rainfall on events, outdoor events may be cancelled if rainfall is unusually high, particularly if grass is used for the event itself or for parking vehicles. Other than that, there is a saying locally that if you can’t see the hills it must be raining, and if you can see the hills then it will be raining soon. Therefore, expect all weathers, sometimes all at the same time.

Wind: Average wind speed, measured in miles per hour (mph). Actual wind speed on the ground is influenced by many factors, such as presence of nearby buildings, hills, etc.

Wind gusts: Typically, organisers of outdoor events would consider wind gusting above 25 mph to be hazardous, and lightweight temporary structures such as portable gazebos and PA systems will be at risk of blowing over. At 50 mph and upwards, even major outdoor events using large temporary structures may need to be cancelled and/or evacuated.

Wind direction: In the Furness area, wind almost always blows inland from the Irish Sea (west to east). Due to the proximity of the Gulf Stream, this contributes to the mildness of the coastal climate. Wind blowing from a different direction is probably bad news.